Activities Chios

Activities Chios

Activities Chios

Activities visiting the Island of Chios, if you happen to be here see below a list of authentic local festivities- (Panygiria) feel participate and taste.

The most ideal way to entertain yourself and enjoy the Island traditions is to visit as many village festivals as you can. Each village has different traditions and cultures, so the experience will be remarkable every time.

Depending on the period of your visit you can choose the festival which suits you better for you, as you can see below:

5 May

ElataAgia Eirini

8 May

KourouniaAgios Ioannis Theologos


29 June

 Tholopotami – Agion Apostolon-Agios Petros


1 July

Thymiana, Nenita, Potamia – Agion Anargyron

7 July

Amades, Kalamoti, Karyes – Agia Kyriaki

15 July

KatavasiAgia Matrona

17 July

Ververato, Kardamyla, Mirmigi, Fyta – Agia Marina

20 July

Armolia, Kalamoti, Kardamyla – Prophetid Elias

22 July

Volissos, Karyes, Lithi – Agia Markella

26 July

Zyfias, Kalamoti, Kastello, Parparia – Agia Paraskevi

27 July

Agios Giorgis Sikousis, Dafnonas, Kambia – Agios Panteleimon

30 July

ThymianaAgion Anargyron


5 August

KardamylaChrist’s Eve

6 August

Agios Giorgis Sikousis, Volissos, Thymiana – Christ’s

7 August

Kallimasia, MestaAgios Emilianos

12 August

NeochoriAgia Foteini

14 August

KardamylaVirgin Mary’s Eve

15 August

Kallimasia, Pyrgi, Chalkeios, Volissos, Nenita – Virgin Mary

22 August

Pyrgi, Agio Galas – Virgin Mary

29 August

PatrikaAgios Ioannis

30 August

KardamylaAgia Zony


1 September

AmadesAgios Simeon

2 September

AphrodisiaAgios Mamas

4 September

ThymianaAgia Hermione

6 September


8 September

Leptopoda, Lithi, Sykiada – Virgin Mary

14 September

Chalkios - Stavrou

15 September

ArmoliaAgios Nikitas

26 September

Kourounia, Parparia – Agios Ioannis Theologos