Magical Coastline

Magical Coastline
magical coastline chios

Magical Coastline

Magical Mavros Gialos (Mavra Volia)

Magical Mavra Volia is the most famous beach on the island due to the unusual landscape, which makes it unique in the whole world.

Easy accessible by car is located in south Chios 5 Km. from Pirgi is a beach with small black pebbles, ’cause of an upheaval of the volcano overlooking the beach at the Prehistoric Area.

There are three beaches, one next to the other, under the same name, with deep, dark blue waters. There you can taste fresh seafood, at Emporio, nearby.


Beach type: small pebbles and sand

Located in south Chios very close to Pirgi and only nine kilometers from the village, near Emporio.

It is the beach on the southern point of the island, with thick sand and small pebbles. Small though it is, it gives the impression of an exotic beach, because of the colors and the landscape.


Beach type: small white pebbles, magical location

West Chios beaches are a little surprise, as they remind you of exotic ones. Unique, secluded, clear blue waters, and virgin are the features.

Elinta bay is one that stands out, and for good reason too. A magical location, a big closed bay, quiet and sheltered from winds, that lies 25 kilometers from town and five kilometers from Anavatos and Lithi respectively.

The rare beauty of the surrounding nature is stunning. Mountains surround the bay and the pine trees reach up to the seaside. The green-blue cool waters and the all-white pebbles of the beach offer a unique experience that no visitor should miss.

Agia Fotini

Beach type: Pebbles

Agia Foteini – or Agia Fotia, according to the locals, is a very popular beach in Chios as it's only 11 kilometers from the city center.

You will find this beautiful beach as you head to the south Chios. Agia Fotini's is well organized with several beach bars, umbrellas, and sunbeds.

Please note that this must-see beach is only a few minutes walk from our guest's rooms. The area has bars, restaurants, and taverns offering fresh seafood.

Agia Dinami

Beach type: Small pebbles and sand

Also located in the south Chios, very close to Olympus village.

Agia Dynami is a beach completely unspoiled, named after the chapel of Holy power that is near the bay. The waters have a unique emerald color and incredible clarity.

Swimming there is a unique experience for everyone who had the chance to visit, giving you the impression that you are in an exotic place.

The bay is contained of two beaches one next to another. The first one is easy to access while for the second one you will need to climb a small hill, but you will be given the chance to see a spectacular view.


Beach type: Small pebbles

This hidden treasure is located at the South part of the island just a few kilometers outside the village Mesta. Avlonia is a secluded beach, ideal for swimming as it has magical green waters.

Definitely, a must-see the beach as it can be easily compared with an exotic one. Avlonia along with Apothica(also very close to Mesta) is one of the most favorite beaches of the people living in the area as well as of the visitors too.

Just a small tip you need to consider before visiting, north winds search the bay and therefore it’s better not to visit the beach when north winds set in.

Kato Fana

Beach type: White Sand

Kato Fana also located on the south part (6 Km south of Pyrgi, on the road to Olympoi) is a beautiful sandy beach, ideal for families.

The area of Kato Fana is of great archaeological interest. The temple of Fanaios Apollo is here as well as ruins of an early Christian church at the same spot.

The road to Kato Fana is the same as the one that leads to Agia Dynami.


Beach type: Pebbles

Yiosonas beach is located on the north part of the island, 5 kilometers away from Kardamyla village and near Nagos beach.

The lovely beach of Giosonas is large in length and ideal for quiet and relaxing moments. It consists of small pebbles and wonderfully clear, crystal, and cold water.

The name Giosonas is derived from Iasonas (Jason).

The legendary hero allegedly passed by this place during the Argonaut’s expedition on his quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece. A beach bar operates on the beach attracting lots of people because of its luxury design.

Managros (Magemena)

Beach type: Small pebbles

Managros is located on the northwest Chios, very close to Volisos. There you will find Magemena beach, located at the northern part of Managros area.

The Greek word magemena in English means enchanted and not unfairly as It`s a sandy beach with deep sparkling crystal water. There is a beach bar available.


Beach type: Small pebbles and sand

Trahili is one of the less-known beaches of Chios.

It is located on the west coast of the island. As this part of the island is pretty isolated, this beach is ideal for calm swimming away from the crowds.

The beach is created by a small peninsula on whose hill there is one of the most famous Vigles of Chios,  the view of the beach from this point is unique.