Stories of a traveler Chios

Allure things are all around us but most people never find them, Chios Isle, The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating. It’s essential that we endeavor to take on not only what we’re capable of, but what we’re capable of offering more local  experiences for our visiting guest.

These are nature’s incredible tranquilizers. We know intuitively from experience that it’s healthy to be near the Aegean Sea. Now science is demonstrating that the Sea inspires creative thinking, reduces anxiety and promotes wellbeing.

From one of our guest comments, Very relaxing weekend...

Easy to reach location, hotel was ultra-clean and by far the best hotel I've stayed in Chios island. An amazing room view, very silent environment, superb breakfast, everything was perfect and highly recommended for the travelers who would like to spend their holidays in Chios.

You need a car to reach the hotel, hotel facilities and beach is good but you may want to see other beaches and travel around, so a car is a must.